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Culture. songs Poems. Folklore. etc.

Post by Glostergull » 22 Oct 2012, 12:31

Hi Guys
Louis has encouraged me to let loose on you lot with a new direction in my career.
I have for some time now been learning the ropes performing various things at Folk clubs and other venues.
I have been writing songs for a while but this latest venture is something I havn't tried before now and had never attempted.
I have been heartened and encouraged by all your comments on my writing about days gone and in the process I was looking for some folk songs I could sing about various things that have importance in life.
As I trawled through the archives I found that with my love of Railways there was nothing. not a sausage. nowt Nill. So I looked up Football. Same there. Not a sausage of note to worry monkey up a tree. Niether was there anything in some of the other areas I looked at.
So to this end I took up writing my own. Having now written around a dozen peices I wondered if any of you would be interested in reading them.
I have written on the subject of Football in Poetry only once so far so I am putting this one up first. If you like it I may be encouraged to put on more about football.
I will also put one up about the railways of the past. and see if any of it strikes a note with you.
Please note the work I put up here is not totaly complete as yet. I am still not quite happy with some of the spacing but this is what came out of my head.
The team in question can be any one of practically any team in the land, that laguishes in the lowere regions of the pyramid.
Maybe one of you can come up with a few yourselves.

So here goes.


Frozen terraces and Rock hard pitches
Tuesday night and burgers and tea.
Lonely blows the wind that carries forlorn hopes
Of a long forgotten win.

A windswept corner of our land
Dominates yet defecates
It’s illusion from the stands
Rusting towers that rest with something
Akin to a nesting bird illuminates the night sky
With a thin watery light weakly across the grass
Upon which mankind plays out
A Mock battle for next weeks bragging rights

Brave souls or fools,
shiver like penguins on the polar cap
Uncontrollably standing there
Like statues on those crumbling banks
A few gallant souls grip tightly to the barrier
Finding solace and a helping hand

Enclosed in remnants of Grans knitting
A Dr Who in scarves in colours
Identified as followers
Shirts and shorts of yellow and blue or off white hue
Hang limply while we wait for another happy band possibly in blue.

A Teams makes an entrance
Like Gladiators of Rome
They are the host for this is their home
The crowd arises from it’s slumber
Like a dinosaur awakes from it’s possible extinction
And wreaks havoc on a lone man in black
Who officiates standing from afar from the pack.

Play resumes from the previous match
More points at stake
While a plot they do hatch
For revenge of defeat so long ago they say
That many don’t remember a cold December
When play was born of a miserable display

Why do we do it
Nobody knows
As we stand together in the cold
With a rheumy nose.
Germs that celebrate and clap with glee
As we stand there knees knocking
Desperate for a pee

The match played out
With little celebration
Save a goal for the opposition
Which depresses an already desperate situation
If you cut us do we not bleed
Looking closely indeed
See why we stand firm as a band

They see that rather than get into bed
With a pretend fair weather friend
We shout to our team instead
Don’t be so daft if you cut us in half
Instead of Danish you see
United we stand
Always Look on the bright side of life

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